The Authentic Persuasion™ Coaching Program

If there was a club for becoming a pro at selling authentically—this is it.

LIVE weekly private group coaching.

Being in Sales is tough.
(I've been there.)

Selling a prospective customer on your idea, product, or service is challenging.

First, you have to face your own fears (like rejection) and deal with the hesitation that holds you back.

Second, you are probably trying to persuade someone who has their guard up. (Most of us hate pushy sales people.)

Third, if you were like me, you have received (nearly) zero selling effectiveness training.

Do these phrases resonate with you?

“Selling with Authentic Persuasion™”

“Transforming from Order Taker to Quota Breaker”

Take back control of selling in The Authentic Persuasion™ Coaching Program.

Join the private coaching group focused on selling with Authentic Persuasion™

+ Avoid making the mistakes so many people make in sales.

+ Learn sales strategies that will lead to selling more!

+ Bring your questions to me and the group. (Every week!)

+ Collaborate with like-minded salespeople and business owners.

+ Improve your mindset and skills around selling.

+ Get the accountability you need to follow through on your goals.


Book Package

Delivered right to your inbox when you join!

+ Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker. 

(I wrote the book on it.)

+ A Sales Consultant’s Guide To: Overcoming Objections

+ A Sales Consultant’s Guide to: Motivating Your Team

The Authentic Persuasion™ Coaching Program is $49 per month.

No contracts.

Stay as long as you get value from it.

🔴 LIVE weekly group Q&A coaching sessions with 1 on 1 access to me and my 15+ years of sales experience.

Tactical worksheets, guides and coaching homework designed to outline key points to generate thought and discussion for the live weekly coaching sessions.

🔴 LIVE training sessions that include TED-talk style speeches with tailored with topics to the community.

Access to a private Facebook community featuring weekly content and communication.

How it works:

1. Sign up, risk-free for $49/mo.

2. I’ll immediately email you my 3 books on sales and a login to your account.

3. Each week join the 🔴 LIVE sales coaching session.

4. Start selling like a pro!

See you in the Authentic Persuasion™ Coaching Program!

Yup- that was the assumptive close…since we both know this a no brainer! 😉

Jason understand all aspects of the selling cycle and can rally any team to be able to hit targets. He has the ability to look at the larger picture, including market factors, and then develop a sales strategy that will be successful. Recommend highly for any sales team help.

Scott Newman
Transparent BPO

Jason is polished, articulate, and passionate about teaching. His platform, Authentic Persuasion, should resonate with anyone who is striving to improve as a salesperson and do right by the buyer. 

JD Gershbein
Owlish Communications

Authentic is the Key word! Jason taught my sales team to be themselves while offering legendary service.  End result is happy client after happy client and a sales team who feels confident and secure in guiding the client through the process effortlessly.   

Nicole Titschler
Director of Sales
Penny Mustard Furnishings

About Jason Cutter

Yes, I have a degree in Marine Biology. No, I don’t have any formal sales training. I didn’t even get my first sales job till I was 27. That’s probably why I learned how to actually sell, instead of just plowing ahead with the nonsense most sales “trainers” teach you.

Two things I know that are true for most people in sales:

  1. It is tough…even if you are amazing, you are still facing more rejection than success (a 30% closing ratio still = 70% leads you aren’t closing)
  2. They didn’t get enough training or guidance, when it comes to both the mindset side and the tactical side of selling effectiveness

This program format allows for me to help more people succeed in sales, which will help them achieve their goals, and for me to move towards my mission of empowering over 1 Million Authentic Persuaders.

For now you are joining the Wait List for the launch of the program. You’ll receive a welcome email and then updates as we move closer to opening the program. By being a part of the pre-launch list, I have a special surprise for the Charter Members (you will find out when we begin).

Attending Live Q&A Coaching Sessions will give you the tools to embark on the consistent, persistent, pursuit of your potential while providing direct access to myself and the coaching community. However, if you’re unable to attend, replays will be posted in the Coaching Session Archive page.

If your needs are more aligned in a 1-on-1 setting with direct access and structured calls, please contact with the subject line “1-on-1 Coaching” to learn more.

Then you are in the right place – click the link below to join my private sales group:

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your subscription at ANY TIME in our account settings or by emailing us directly at

There is nothing worse than a subscription that’s hard to cancel. I’m here to be of service!

Refund Policy – Money Back Guarantee

I strongly believe you will receive more value than your yearly subscription.

However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, I offer a money back guarantee and will refund you.

In short, there’s no risk in joining the private coaching group! If you’re less than satisfied with the value provided, we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. Just send us an email at

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