Jason Cutter with Skate

Hi, I'm Jason Cutter

Yes, I have a degree in Marine Biology (I chose sharks as a safer choice vs. dealing with people).

No, I don’t have any formal sales training. I didn’t even get my first sales job till I was 27 . That’s probably why I learned how to actually sell, instead of just plowing ahead with the nonsense most sales “trainers” teach you.

Since the first time I was put into a sales leadership role (the previous VP of Sales got fired for suggesting that to close 2x the deals the owner should pay for 2x the marketing)…to being the VP of Sales & Marketing & Operations – all at the same time…to now working with various companies of all sizes and industries – I have seen what great companies do to scale and where most others struggle with the same recruiting, turnover, inconsistent sales issues.

“Jason understand all aspects of the selling cycle and can rally any team to be able to hit targets. He has the ability to look at the larger picture, including market factors, and then develop a sales strategy that will be successful. Recommend highly for any sales team help.”

Scott Newman

CEO/Founder Transparent BPO

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“I have been working with Jason for almost a year now and he has been consistently engaged and focused on the task at hand whether it be in person or remotely. Jason never says no, he finds a way to make things happen. Very knowledgeable in many different indices and has been a great sounding board given his experience. I highly recommend Jason for whatever sales or management project you need help with. You will get results.”

Jamey Vumback

CEO/Founder Get The Referral

“We hired Jason for his sales management and SalesForce expertise and got so much more. He has been able to evaluate various needs that support the businesses sales efforts and has added great value. Jason is knowledgeable, professional, numbers-oriented, engaging, upbeat, and refreshingly open and direct.”

Penny Schultz

HR Consultant Creative Marketing Concepts

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“Jason is a dynamic and engaging speaker who knows his material and brings up the energy level of any room he’s presenting to! A wonderful person to work with, I have had the pleasure of seeing him speak, and booking him to speak, at events from 75 – 3,000 people, and he brings the same enthusiastic spirit no matter what setting. I highly recommend him as a speaker for groups looking to improve their efforts in sales, lead generation, performance marketing, and management. A true professional, he is also funny, kind, and someone you want to work with. I always look forward to our next show together.”

Ian McRae

Director of Content | LeadsCon

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