Jason Cutter with Skate

Hi, I'm Jason Cutter

Yes, I have a degree in Marine Biology (I chose sharks as a safer choice vs. dealing with people).

No, I don’t have any formal sales training. I didn’t even get my first sales job till I was 27 . That’s probably why I learned how to actually sell, instead of just plowing ahead with the nonsense most sales “trainers” teach you.

If you’re looking for growth in your sales career, you’ll be able to find something useful in the links below. I can’t promise you results, but I can promise authenticity. Thanks for visiting!


(Here’s a pic of me going back to tag sharks (and other stuff) long after leaving the world of marine biology)

“I realized I used to be an order taker and had a win-lose mindset. Now I have a understand I need to be persistent as a winning salesperson. I don’t give up easily anymore now. I ask the right questions, keep control of all calls with understanding for a positive result at the end of the conversation.”


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“I learned so much from Jason. Working for him forced me to increase my own efficiency, refine my negotiation methods and elevate my organizational & problem solving skills. I grew more as a professional in the time working with Jason than any other period in my career.”


“Jason helped me realize that I can become successful at sales by using the five sales success traits. I thought salespeople were born that way. I have really seen my sales numbers increase since going through his materials.”


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“Jason helped me understand that being authentic and caring means I should dig deeper into what my customers might need and then help them move forward (even if they don’t know what they want).”


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